Company dynamic  2019-09-03 10:54

Woo-power New factory expansion ceremony


The lithium battery industry is the field WOO-POWER used to be, is and will be dedicated to wholeheartedly. Building a century-old foundation and creating a century-old brand is the dream that WOO-POWER people have been striving to fulfil.
Looking into the future and guided by the Grand Blueprint, WOO-POWER is guaranteed by the faith of "hard working, truth-seeking pragmatism, and dedication", and supported by the spirit of perseverance. By promoting its technologies, craftsmanship, management and services in all rounds and adhering to the "craftsmanship spirit + Internet thinking", the company is running towards the two grand goals of creating "A Century-old Brand and A Property Worth RMB10 Billion".
While sticking to its main industry, WOO-POWER seeks to expand to other related fields of the industry to achieve full coverage of lithium battery products. Now the company has developed a full range of lithium batteries including power batteries and industrial batteries for electric bicycles,, power batteries for electric vehicles, power sources and energy storage batteries for the forklift truck sector, and others. With a wide range of products, the company has moderately extended its businesses to relevant upstream and downstream industries, rising to be one of the world-class lithium battery enterprises. With high-quality products, sound gird and improved services, we share new consumption experience with a vast number of consumers to help tens of thousands of people to lead a better life, leaving WOO-POWER’s prints in every place sunlight reaches in the world.